StaffLinQ is the employee companion for Rosnet's Power Centre labour scheduling system in which employees can able to find the efficient way for the entire team to communicate with the work schedule. Pertinently, employees can check out the information including schedules, request changes, and get important messages at any time with anywhere access.

It lets the employees to set out the scheduling preferences and request the time off. Within Staff LinQ, the manager approved changes automatically done and instantly send the notifications to employees so that they can manage the schedules and avoid the surprises. 

In order to get access to the up-to-date information on StaffLinQ application as an employee, you're required to sign up your account by providing the valid details such as email address and password. It is a service provided by the leading restaurants to keep the up-to-date information which is useful especially for employees. 

How to Login  StaffLinQ Employee Portal

  • Visit the Official Employee Login Portal Website : on your browser
  • Now you'll can notice two options on the homepage of staff linq "Login screen" and "get a StafflinQ Login".
  • If you have already registered for the employee portal proceed to the login screen else register for the portal by choosing "get a StafflinQ login"
  • Enter the user fields "email/ROSnet Login" and "password" submit the login button
  • On the Successful validation ,you will be redirected to user portal

Getting Started

You can able to access the website to check out the schedules or other related information which is restricted to the employees of companies that subscribe to the StaffLinq service. If you've already an account, you can log into your account by entering the valid entails like email or ROSnet address and password. 

If you're not having a login account and want to register your account , you can get started by providing the name of the restaurant where you're employed. For suppose, if you're not found out your restaurant company, you may not have the account. In that case, you can contact the company's human resources or payroll manager can contact the ROSnet for more information and further assistance. 

Employee Features

If you're an employee at registered restaurant of StaffLinQ, you can get access to the provided information, schedules, reports, and other relevant data about your company with a login account through the You can able to access some of the activities such as:
  • Allows to view current schedule and any future schedules that are published. 
  • Can able to receive push notifications for messages, available shifts or shits wanted and schedule updates. 
  • You can also set scheduling preferences. 
  • It lets you to sync the StaffLinQ's schedules to your mobile device's calendar. 
  • You can send and receive messages with your manager. 
  • Make a request to pickup or swap shits. 
  • Maintain the relationship with the other co-workers who works in your organization. 
  • Request for time off. 

You can also contact the customer service associates at Rosnet who always strives to provide the services for employees and available for 24/7 and 365 days a year. If you've any queries relevant to your login account or want to clear your issues, you can contact the representatives either through a telephone number or email service. 

Login to Check the Schedules and Company Information

As StaffLinQ is a service offered by restaurant companies without any charges, it is available for employees only who have subscribed to the service. 

It is a website which provided the information for employees who worked at different kinds of restaurant companies such as Chili's, Carlos O' Kelly's, Applebee's, McCormick and Schmick's, Macaroni Grill, IHOP, Panera Bread, Outback Steakhouse, On the Boarder, or Wendy's. If you're an employee of any of these companies, you will be accessed to the information through the Login.

Login Procedure

The Login procedure included very simple steps or procedure and can be carried out in a few short and simple steps which have been detailed as follows for your convenience:
  • If you already own a StaffLinQ Login, you can go to the login page from your web browser. 
  • You can locate and click on the login option which is situated on the right-hand corner of the website in order to access the account. 
  • Accordingly, you can enter the email or ROSnet address and password on the provided fields and click on login option to enter into the website. 

Password Recovery Procedure

Sometimes, you may face the issue of unable to recall the password. In that case, you can simply click on the forgot password button by entering the email address. Finally, you can get new password for your registered email id. 

Sign-Up Procedure

If you're a primary user to access the account, you must sign up for the account to access the online service. The sign up procedure also fairly simple and can be carried out in a few steps to accomplish the process. You need to follow below mentioned steps such as:
  • Initially, you just go to the on your web browser through the tablet or desktop or mobile device.
  • In the next step, click on the get a option which is available on the home page. 
  • Once you click on that option, you can select a company in which you're an employee by choosing a drop-down menu. 
  • The manager of the restaurant location that you work will provide you access to the website. Once your access has been granted or approved, you will receive an email invitation that constitutes of valid instructions on how to log into your account and get started with the StaffLinQ service. 


The team at StaffLinQ recruits a wide range of people which included from office juniors through to senior management positions. It has a recruitment consultancy team which essentially targets to create the perfect match between candidate and employer. 

It also strives to employs the people who are not having the qualifications but also experience, personality, and culture should matched for the job role. It expects the clients to have high skills and believes that the business success totally relied on the people who work within the system. 

Based on that, the team delivers the best qualified and best suited candidates when positions need to be filled. It always values to the clients, candidates, and trust and nothing can be important to the organization to deliver the efficient solutions for its users. While companies have their unique styles and operations for its employees or having distinct values or no two are identical in their styles, the organization recognizes the needs and requirements of its clients and candidates and provide them with practical results. In addition to these, it offers result oriented environment to the clients which are tailored to the each organization. 

Understanding the StaffLinQ and its Features

Employee scheduling is one of the major issue faced by most of the organizations specifically the ones having larger employee base. However, they are very thankful to the current effective solutions for online scheduling. These solutions may helpful for the organization to take off the burden off the shoulders and automate the scheduling process to a great extent. 

In general, employee scheduling is more complicated and difficult to manage. It becomes very easier with the use of StaffLinQ. Accordingly, the organizations need to make sure that they have right solutions in one place. 

It is one of the major online employee scheduling systems and it can be used by many of the organizations in order to provide the up-to-date information to its employees. It lets all employees to communicate with each other and remain up-to-date with the work schedule. They can also check out the work schedules, request any changes, and get notified to the schedules or any changes in it. This online effective solution can be used from anywhere and at anytime you want. 

In addition to these, they can also set up for personal preferences in their scheduling system. Employees can also opt for time off through the application. All the requests will be approved by the managers and any changes made by managers will be updated on the StaffLinQ. So that, employees no need to worry about the changes and check out the up-to-date information on the website without moving to the multiple websites with multiple clicks. The available features:
  • Employees can able to get real-time updates and notifications on any changes made on their schedule systems by the managers. 
  • They can check out the current scheduling system. 
  • Through this online solution, managers can send group or direct messages to their employees. However, these messages can be sent through push notifications. 
  • Employees can enjoy the freedom to set their own preferences. 
  • They can also maintain the relationship with managers by sending messages. 
  • Employees can send messages to their co-workers but with certain limitations. 

Signing Up

If you want to sign up for StaffLinQ, your manager needs to register your company with email address on Rosnet Power Centre. Once the email address has been registered, you will receive an email to click on a link which helps to complete the sign-up process. Obviously, you're required to complete the sign-up process before logging into the account. Here, the signup process is varied depending on the company that you work for. 

Before signing up , you must ensure that your company uses StaffLinQ. If you want to see whether your company is listed or not, you can check out them on the website. Accordingly, you can able to find a list of companies on which are registered. For suppose, if your company is listed on it, that means it uses this online system. You can also get to know instructions to follow for sign up process by clicking your company or employer from the drop-down list. 

In most of the cases, it will mention that it's better to contact your manager for getting sign-up instructions. If you've received an email that consists of instructions or guidelines for sign up process, you can easily complete the process. Once you've accomplished the signup process, you will be able to access your account through the login option wherein you're required to enter the registered email address and password. If you want to use the app, you can download and install it on your mobile device whether you're using Android or iOS mobile device. If you're the user of Android mobile device user, you can go to the Play store through which you can easily download and install once found out the app. 

In contrary, if you're the user of iOS mobile device user, you can directly search on App store to download it. You just launch the app once you've installed it and use same credentials when you log into the account. The push notifications will work with the app only. You can get push notifications through the app instead of web login. If you're facing any issues while logging into the account, you can simply contact the manager to resolve the troubles. 

Ultimately, it enables the restaurant managers and employees to manage the better work life and stay informed with the work schedules. With the use of your account, all of your work schedules will be sent directly to you through the text or email in advance. You can also make a request for leaves or shift changes on online for approval to your manager. 

As it is a free service offered for registered restaurant companies, it allows the working employees only who already registered an account. While you logging into the account, you can select your company in a list of registered companies which are sorted alphabetically by the organization. If your company is not listed, it probably confirm that your company may not subscribe . 


It is powered by the ROSNet organization which is a multi-unit restaurant management solution designed with unique business mind. It has integrated with the configurable dashboards which lets the users to get the data, how they want it, and what they want it. You can get optimized overall profits which can bring to your bottom line. The reporting solution offers restaurant operators to view the data and allows to manage it their own way. It has a food management solution also which helps to get maximum results with minimal effort with no additional people update the prices, recipes, etc.